diumenge, 9 d’octubre de 2016

Tres alumnos de CiclesPàlcam participan en un proyecto Erasmus de inserción laboral

The Erasmus Program http://www.oapee.es/oapee/inicio/pap/erasmus.html provides students undergoing Vocational Training the opportunity to get to know countries, discover different cultures and learn about new perspectives. For many of them, it also implies to live independently for the first time, hence they learn to plan, organize, manage and solve everyday situations and difficulties.

If we combine Erasmus and Vocational Training students, the result leads to a particularly exiting result as the summand of working is added.  This academic year, 3 students from Cicles Palcam will enjoy this experience. They are one former student of the Administration Intermediate Cycle and two of the Micro-Computing Tools Intermediate Cycle. These three students are still studying Higher Cycles at Palcam and thus this puts a special obligation on us to help them to combine their studies with this work experience abroad.

Among the countries the students might have chosen, they have picked up Denmark, Ireland and England. They will stay between 2 or 3 months with an employment contract. These students will also depart with all needed information, being the most important the accommodation and the company  that  will  employ them.

Students that enter this program will significantly enhance their professional profile. Their stay abroad provides a superb visibility as it will show that they are entrepreneurs, they accept changes, they cope with new situations and do not fear challenges. There is nothing but advantages.

In short, Palcam’s aim is to make our students grow, both personally and professionally. We keep the commitment that has guided the Vocational Training Department for 17 years: to provide a comprehensive and well-rounded education that has to be flexible and adaptable to the new and changeable labor and market requirements.
Dpt. CiclesPàlcam